Company Culture

Here at Breakaway Press, we operate with a different mentality. We want all of our customers to be happy and all of our employees to feel fulfilled. We go above and beyond to meet both of these needs and have an eternal commitment to improving ourselves.

Our company’s mission statement follows:

“Breakaway Press strives to create a unique business entity that is comprised of diverse elements of culture, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, and gender – all working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and self-respect. The strengths of a Team of this nature allow Breakaway Press to deliver extraordinarily reliable and dependable service to a client base with urgent as well as routine needs. Our approach to working together, as well as with our customers and clients can be simply distilled to: Listen. Understand. Respond.

This is the formula for effective collaboration in general; and on Graphics and Printing Projects specifically.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality finished product obtainable in the Market, one that meets the needs and exceeds the expectation of our Customers; instilling in them confidence and security that they are heard, understood, and responded to with great success.”